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Why Estonia?

Estonia is the next Singapore. After two decades of free economy the country is already benefiting from its policy. In the next decade it will not be surprising to see Estonia as the Baltic Tiger! 🐯

It is a land of opportunities with an efficient, modern and low tax economy. It is also a low-cost way of entry. Invest now before the crowd arrives! Once the country becomes like Hong Kong or Monaco: it is too late…

Technology is giving a huge advantage to the country: by cutting inefficiencies throughout the economy (what you can do online is less consumption of your time, gasoline, etc). Those added savings result in more resources left at the end of the year for every single person! 🤵

The list

Real Estate

When you think about real-estate you usually think about apartment or house. But there is also land! There are many kinds of land investment strategies:

  • profit yielding (agriculture, forestry)
  • raw (buy, hold & sale)

Purchase of an apartment is without restrictions.

However lands investing has some restrictions: which is barring-out investors from outside of the EU (European Union), as well as non-OECD investors.

Do you want to know a secret?… Russia, India and China are not part of the OECD: that means that all those (rich) investors cannot buy property directly (they need to make an Estonian company first). Now imagine how many investors would flock to Estonia once the government allows investors from everywhere?.. 🌍

Partner with us!


An electronic contract is signed that outline clearly what you are investing in. You do not have to have an e-resident card.

No restrictions

All investments are made through a company so you can avoid any restriction: regardless of where you are from!

No notary needed

When buying real estate in Estonia: appearing in front of a Notary is mandatory. By partnering with us we take care of all of this!


51% of the land in Estonia is forest land. It is estimated that this industry provides 33,800 employment, with up to 5% of Estonian’s GDP.

This is the biggest opportunity of the country, as this kind of investment is mostly “hands-off” with only a few steps to take once in 5 years.

Partner with us!

Cash flow

Invest with us in profit yielding forest, it is very easy! We usually pool investors once a year for an acquisition.


A lot of products are derived from forests: wood, firewood, furiture, paper, etc.


It takes 15-20 years to grow a forest to maturity, which could be a fantastic gift to leave to children or grand-children!

Shares / Stock of publicly traded companies

Previously called the “Tallinn Stock Exchange” (TALSE) it has been acquired by Nasdaq since 2008, now simply called Nasdaq Tallinn.

There are 3 ways to invest in the stock market:

  • through us
  • directly through a broker/bank
  • directly through a broker/bank using a pension fund

Have you seen the stock exchange for the last decade?.. You should research it!

Partner with us!


You can either decide which companies or industry to invest in, or go for a full index, or even let us decide for you according to your goal or risk tolerance.

Wait for it to grow

After some years you can easily reap the benefits of your investments.

1 trade per year

Our service is limited to one trade per year (for long term investors) and cannot be used for complex trading.

Create your own company (e-residence)

What an amazing program ran by the government of Estonia! The amount of e-residents is just getting higher and higher each year. It will probably bring €15 million euro into the state coffers in 2019.

Starting up your company in Estonia is a straightforward way to invest in the country, especially if it is an IT company. Careful planning is needed regarding taxation in your country of residence. If carefully planned, the founder can enjoy no taxation while the undistributed profits are accumulated in the company. Taxation is (of course) due when dividends are taken from the company (or through a salary).

With Estonia being an EU member: registration of a trademark or patent is available.


Apply online

You will need to fill a form and pay a fee to get your application started. It is a very easy and fast process.

Get your card

Once approved you can collect your card at any Estonian embassy throughout the world, or simply visit the country to collect it.


Your card enables to create a company, but you will need a registered agent in Estonia to provide you with local address.

Why register?


We just love Estonia and want to pool investors together to buy and acquire many assets in the country. Your investment is safe.


Flat fee will be clearly displayed in every single investment venture (varies between 1% and 10%).

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